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Benefits of An Anti Inflammatory Diet


Benefits of An Anti Inflammatory Diet

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An Anti Inflammatory Diet Will Do This To Your Body. A diet based on foods that lower the chance of inflammation may be able to not only help you live a more comfortable life, but also a longer and healthier one as well.

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A recent study discovered that a diet consisting of foods that are known to reduce inflammation has been linked to a reduced risk of early death. That means avoiding overly processed or manufactured foods and instead focusing on healthier whole ingredient foods such as an ample amount of fruits and vegetables. The study, headed by Dr. Joanna Kaluza, examined over 68 thousand male and female participants from Sweden between the ages of 45 and 83. Kaluza and her team monitored these participants over the course of 16 years, and the discovery they made was this: the participants who had the most anti-inflammatory foods in their average diet experienced a 13 percent lower risk of cancer, a 20 percent lower risk of heart disease, and 18 percent lower risk of all-cause mortality in general.

For this particular style of diet, key components for meal prep include fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, fish, and healthy fats from sources such as olive oil or avocado.

While the types of food you eat on an anti-inflammatory diet are highly important, what is perhaps equally important is the variety of foods that you don’t eat as well. In order to most effectively commit yourself to an anti-inflammatory diet, dieticians and nutritionists suggest that you stay away from foods that are particularly high in salt, saturated fat, refined carbs and sugar. When consumed in excess on a regular basis, these foods can potentially increase the markers in the body that cause inflammation. Inflammation, in turn, can lead to health related complications such as chronic forms of disease such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some varieties of cancer.

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